Let’s stop the Olympic madness together!

On March 21 the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) decided to apply for hosting the Olympic Summer Games 2014 in Hamburg. In autumn Hamburg’s citizens will decide via a referendum whether they want to host the event in their city.

We, the first open platform against the Olympic Games in Hamburg, appeal against the city’s Olympic plans and say No:

  • No to the costs in the billions that will strain public budgets for years to come.
  • No to rising rent and evictions which followed all Olympic Games in every city where the Games took place.
  • No to further impervious surfacing in the contexts of relocating the harbour industries and the new construction of sports facilities.
  • No to selling off the city to the big business of the untransparent IOC and its commercial partners.
  • No to forms of high performance sport, which ultimately ruins athletes through doping.
  • No to a mega event which most of us will only watch on TV while the state of emergency becomes the norm for the entire city.

We, the first open platform against the Olympic Games in Hamburg, are for a social and cosmopolitan city and say Yes:

  • Yes to strengthening inclusive school and recreational sports.
  • Yes to authentic and long-term social housing.
  • Yes to a Hamburg where everyone is welcome.
  • Yes to a city which takes the needs of its residents seriously.

There is much at stake. We care about Hamburg and we want to continue living here. This is why we are actively opposing the plans of the DOSB, Hamburg’s Sports Association, the Senate, and the chamber of commerce. In the next few months we will keep you informed about the consequences of the Olympic Games in Hamburg. We will show that there is strong opposition to the Olympic Games. We aim to prevent the Games in Hamburg – both in 2024 and 2028.

Together let’s stop the Olympic madness!

First open platform against the Olympic Games in Hamburg, 11th April 2015

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